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Raised on the 60s’ colorful influences such as the The Doors, and the Maharishi-era, Beatles, The Bash Dogs have now landed on something fresh. The Dogs’ guarantee; cheetah jumpsuits, cowboy boots, classic shades and the best boogie you’ll ever be part of.

The Bash Dogs got their start when they were just pups. Inspired by the seismic sounds of their parents’ vinyl collection, brothers Nate and Jeremy Barrett decided they had to pick up instruments and play. Nate choosing the guitar and vox and Jeremy, the drums, the boys vowed their lives to music after performing Van Morrison’s seminal “Gloria” at their 5th grade talent show. In high school, The Barrett brothers met bassist Nathan Schmok (affectionately known as Schmoky Bear). The three bonded quickly over their shared knowledge of classic Led Zeppelin riffs… The Bash Dogs was born. The trio quickly embedded themselves in the Orange County scene, playing local venues such as the Observatory, House of Blues, and the Wayfarer and building up an audience of bell-bottom wearing, record-collecting kids.

Wanting to give back to the community, in June of 2017, The Bash Dogs started Soul Kitchen, a monthly residency in Los Angeles and Orange County that embraces love and unity through a night of funky music and soulful dance. The event is inspired by the band’s favorite LA watering hole, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, and helps the Barrett brothers bring a little 60s groove back home. As founders, hosts, and headlining band of Soul Kitchen, The Bash Dogs are ecstatic that Soul Kitchen has grown to be a regularly sold out success.

In anticipation of their first LP, The Bash Dogs are looking to expand on their wheelhouse sound and magnify the elements of disco-funk and dance music while staying true to the roots that got them here. This debut release features heavy dosages of fuzzy synths topped with funky grooves, hopping melodies and bouncy undertones that make you think of The Growlers and The Black Keys mixed with Tame Impala.

Sprinkled with nodes of Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions and the funky slyness of Cool and the Gang’s Wild and Peaceful, The Dogs are certain to shine a light on the classic San Fran’ psych-rock while raising the roof with leg-kicking, booty-shaking, funkified, disco-dance.


"The Bash Dogs have a resume to prove their willingness to play for big, rowdy crowds; recently they won KROQ's Battle of the Bands in Southern California. In addition, The Bash Dogs have played for two sold out crowds at the House of Blues, as well as having played multiple college and high school shows."
-Golden Voice


"To classic rock fans, it’s six songs of comfort food, with some tastylicks from singer-guitarist Nate Barrett and some big grooves from bassist Schmok. And while it’s next to impossible in this era to make classic rock sound fresh, the trio gives it a shot [...] Their sheer power and rawness put them in league with other garage-rockers who serve up antidotes to all that is overpolished. Bash your heads accordingly."
-BuzzBands LA




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