Responsible Agent


Cultivated, from the satirical aspect of their own reality, Long Beach’s Bundy and their bleak optimism, draws heavy influences from that of post-punk fused with the extraction of the raw energy of protopunk. Vocalist and guitarist Nani Serna romanticizes self-destruction with his charismatic and guttural styling, which is complimented by the likes of guitarist Johnny Lim and his dynamic structures. Balancing aggressive guitars with melodic breaks, cinematic scopes, and wistful chimes, Bundy flourishes as a new unit with Mike Meza on drums and JB Vasquez, respectfully on bass. Bundy’s pop-centric mindset and thematic portrayal have continued to attract listeners for the past three years. From self-sabotage, to self-realization, Bundy’s penned lines are published posthumously on their 2018 full-length debut, Bastard Performer. Presenting the faults and absorbing the impact, the album’s polished production attributes to the band homing in on their developed sound. The album’s sequential narrative score plays with dramatic and emotional accents on tracks such as “What Blood,” and “Manic.”



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