Hometown: Torrance, CA
The 131ers are an indie rock band from Torrance, California. Over the past two years of playing various warehouses, DIY spaces, and colleges across the West Coast, they have developed a rabid following of people who identify with their work hard play hard attitude. While most of their songs revolve around failed relationships amidst the backdrop of day jobs and side jobs and still failing to make ends meet, their live shows are like a blast of steam bursting through a high-pressure valve. This reputation for raucous, unpredictable, high energy shows has propelled the band to new heights since the release of their new record, "Nothing's As It Should Be."
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
BUNDY is a four piece alternative rock band with passionate and fervent intentions. The band is led by Hernan Serna and Johnny Lim - a writing duo who base their lyrics and style on personal tragedy and experience. BUNDY was formed in February 2017 when Serna grouped the band around a few demos he had written. Serna and Lim have had years under the belt, playing locally and abroad, before they came together to form BUNDY. “I like to say Johnny is the Greenwood to my Yorke’ Says Serna, in reference to RADIOHEAD, one of the bands biggest influences. “I’m very much into the reverb drenched , dripping down the walls sound that THE WALKMEN have - but I like to pair it with a TALKING HEADS feel.”

BUNDY was recently named OC WEEKLY’S BEST NEW BAND of 2017. “Bundy temper their dark lyrical content with melodic breaks and pop-forward arrangements, letting audiences come up for air once in a while as they bob their heads to a dancey four-on-the-floor beat.” -Oc Weekly
Hometown: Orange County, CA
A spirit of exploration, of unity, of love - a musical philosophy that  The Bash Dogs keep alive with their psyched-out rock and roll. Within their wah-wah riffs and groove, you hear echoes of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and the Maharishi-era Beatles—a kaleidoscope of Acid Rock, Freakbeat, and Garage-Psych that makes The Bash Dogs the band to call when you want to get down like it’s 1969... They play for the love, with a powerful, booty-shakin’ energy that comes right back to them at their rowdy live shows. “Every song I write I try to incorporate some sort of message of love...and the most important thing: loving who you are playing with and especially who you are playing for,” says frontman Nate Barrett.
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Shapeshifters of the organic and electronic, EMÆL is an eclectic group that has converged many genres of music ranging from their classical roots to indie/alt-pop influences. EMAEL's sound is described by EARMILK as "grounded by both atmospheric and classical arrangements carried by fluid rhythm structures and a versatile cello with piercing yet soothing verses." Today this 5-piece continues to enthrall as innovators by construing their sound with avant-garde and chamber pop arrangements.

Hometown: Orange County, CA
Through all the activity and noise in Southern California’s music scene, Indigo State is a well kept secret. Founded in 2015, the group had a slow start, holding off playing shows until January the following year. During this time though, a solid set of songs were composed by all three members; Gabriel Barraza (Guitar/Vocal), Alex Grant (Bass), and Nico Vasquez (Drums). With songs that depict lost love, lust, isolation, and social unrest shrouded in explosive instrumentals, the group caught fire in the Los Angeles underground music scene. Known for their fiery hypnotic live performances, the group is now moving out of the house shows and into the clubs. Catch them while you can because Indigo State is only rising from here on out.
Hometown: San Diego / Los Angeles, CA
Inspired & the sleep is the Los Angeles-via-San Diego based musical project of songwriter/producer Max Greenhalgh and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault. With a revolving lineup of additional players, Greenhalgh and Outcault produce pop arrangements that are at once warmly familiar and sweetly off-kilter. Incorporating traditional indie-rock instrumentation with various electronic elements and vinyl sampling, the pop-rock outfit perpetually reinvents their sound while staying true to their groove-oriented backbone. Greenhalgh's gentle crooning on matters of intimacy, introspection and love - both lost and found - solidifies the project's pop ethos over an ever-shifting sonic backdrop.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

A “pillar of San Francisco's garage-psych community” (TheBayBridged), Luke Sweeney has been a working musician for over a decade, playing with a wide variety of cohorts such as Tim Cohen (Fresh & Onlys), Tyson Vogel (Two Gallants), and Healing Potpourri.  His personal output has always sparked interest among the interesting - an artist’s artist, so to speak - as he “confounds aural expectations and puts the knock on reverence… with time-worn allusions to psychedelia, bubblegum, glam, and mellow Seventies balladry” (Austin Chronicle) and “a kaleidoscopic whoosh of psych-pop, indie-folk, lo-fi soul and futuristic blues” (Bend Bulletin).
Hometown: La Puente / SGV, CA
Moon Ensemble blends the spacey surrealism of psychedelic rock with the infectious grooves of electronic funk, creating a sound that draws from the danceability of acts like LCD Soundsystem, Whitest Boy Alive, and Daft Punk, and meshes it with the deep experimental likeness of Yeasayer, Caribou, and Tame Impala.
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